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Tops for Canopy Beds

Tops for canopy beds and more, that is our specialty – Hand Tied Bedding Co.®

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Topping the Canopy Beds of Wonderful Bed Makers for Years

Providing tops for your flat and arch styled canopy beds since 1993. Our initial retail launch of Heirloom Canopies® in 1993, through specialty publication Country Sampler and Hand Tied Bedding Co.® online in 2001. Since that time, and continuing today, we help make canopy bedrooms beautiful.

Tops for Canopy Beds, Flat or Arch Styles

For many canopy bed owners, their bed is at the top of their list for being a favorite furniture item in their home. Many of our customers’ beds are productions from years, decades (and centuries!) of the past. These include their beds of rich woods of Walnut, Cherry, Oak or Mahogany, or their Early Period Pines, or Brasses and Metals. Whether it be for a cherished antique or a recent inexpensive purchase, we love helping our canopy customers love their beds even more.

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Maybe you do not even have your canopy bed yet. If not, we have some thoughts. View our blog article here, where we talk about our favorite canopy beds that are offered online right now. So, all of this to say.. discover here, the exquisitely beautiful canopy tops for your canopy bed. Also, discover the integral quality to match.

Bringing You Bed Canopy Tops – Our Heritage, History and Why We Exist

We are proud of our family heritage and our history in the bed canopy industry. More than a decade before our Heirloom Canopies retail start, three generations in our family were involved in making the hand tied bed canopies. As we serve individuals, Interior Designers, B&Bs and Country Inns, we help you achieve inspiring bedrooms. Also, we have more design options than you may realize. Helping you enhance your Canopy Bedroom and your canopy bed furnishings is just what we do. And, we offer a great selection for you, as we do that!

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

We care about the quality of our products, and we care about pleasing every single one of our customers. Our Satisfaction Guarantee policy is not just something we put in writing…it’s a guarantee we stand behind.


How Do I Care For My Bed Canopy Top Or Canopy Bed Curtains Or Valances –

Hand Tied Canopy Care

Hand Tied Canopies can be hand washed. You will find care instructions enclosed with your order, and we also note them shown below.

  • Feather dust or shake periodically, in order to prevent frequent washings. When washing with water is necessary: Hand Wash only, using Cold Water and a mild detergent (such as Woolite).
  • After rinsing, you may wish to carefully blot dry with a large towel to remove some of the excess water. Line dry or lay flat on a waterproof surface to dry. When canopy is still wet or damp, smooth down tassels as needed before they dry.

Note: If your washing machine appliance has a spin only option, you may wish to carefully use the spin option to just spin out the excess water prior to the line drying. If doing this, be careful not to agitate in any way.

Cotton Or Lace Bed Curtains & Valance Care (see above for our hand tied canopy care)

  • Our Cotton Fabric Curtain Panels and Valances, however, can be either hand or machine washed (gentle cycle). When drying the panels, either line dry or dry on your lowest heat setting.

Canopy Bed Measuring Questions, or other questions?

For Bed Canopy Frame Measuring Instructions, Frequently Asked Questions, Shipping Information and our Return Policy information, view our Order and Shipping Info page.