Top 5 Canopy Beds (our picks) for ordering online

Top 5 Canopy Beds List (for ordering online)

Do you have a passion for canopy beds? Of course, we understand your enthusiasm. There’s something about this furniture item that makes a bedroom something spectacular.

Having a niche canopy bedding business for decades, we have a favorite pastime. That is, we watch the online market for special trends and new product offerings affecting our customers, especially, Canopy Beds! So, allow us to share our favorite 5 Canopy Beds, here on our blog.

Our Criteria in Deciding

Finding the kind of bed like you see in your style of home décor magazines, may be like looking for a needle in a hit-the-hay-stack. BUT, in this blog post, we point you to masterful furniture creations from admired master furniture makers. So, if you are seeking a canopy bed bed that matches your style, and that supports the kind of canopy bedding you love, then we are ready and available to share our short list for you.

Criteria: We considered canopy beds for our top list if they are beds we highly recommend for our online customers. Criteria included the bed:

a) having an included or available supportive canopy frame

b) company website must feature photo and description of the finished bed with the canopy frame and a clear description and pricing

c) Finally, the bed maker must also offer the online ordering option for the bed and offer shipping to anywhere in the continental US.

*Note: We do not receive any type of commission from these recommendations or links.

Canopy Bed

The Country Field Bed by Leonards New England is one of our absolute favorites.

And Now Our 5 Picks, In No Particular Order … (drum roll)

Knox Canopy Bed by Great Windsor Chairs
The Knox Canopy Bed is available in Tiger Maple or Cherry Woods.
  1. This Thomas Moser Pencil Post is made by craftspeople in Maine. The historical style is available in Walnut and Cherry. The slender, octagonal post style of the pencil post bed type is a favorite post type for many Country decorating lovers.
  2. The Katerina Spool Canopy Bed by The Beautiful Bed Co. Yes, this bed is amazing. By the Beautiful Bed Company, the Katerina Spool Canopy Bed is another favorite. The barley twist spindle posts create a bold statement of style on this amazing bed. The bed is Made to order. Crafted in Los Angeles. Shipping is available. Also, White Glove shipping can be arranged upon request. The beautiful period
  3. Richard Bissell’s Fine Woodworking Pencil Post Bed. The bed is available in Curly Maple, Walnut, or Cherry. An optional 4 or 6 piece canopy frame with or without finials is available for this simple but beautiful handmade bed. Made in Putney Vermont. Although there may be a considerable wait time for this one, that isn’t surprising because it is a great price for these beds.
  4. The Maple Country Field Bed with acorn top posts. The bed is made by Leonards New England of Seekonk, MA. The fabulous (Arch) Ogee Canopy Frame is often sought after by our customers, but the style is not a commonly found item.
  5. Also, the beautiful period Knox Canopy Bed with the rare (yay!) arch frame. Made by the fine canopy bed maker at Great Windsor Chairs. From their historical series, the makers in Lititz, Pennsylvania offer this timeless beauty. It indeed, has an exceptionally crafted design. The solid turned posts, simple headboard and dramatic arched canopy bring elegant simplicity together. Tiger maple or cherry wood options are available. Also, you may choose from paint finish options. The Knox Canopy Bed is, most definitely, one of our all time top 5 favorites.

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