Turquoise Color Canopy Bed Curtains.

Turquoise Canopy Bed Curtains. Tie Tops. See Sizing Options for Light Cotton Fabric for Twin, Full, Queen and King Bed Sets (2 for each side and 2 for the foot of the bed).


Please note: We are not able to accepts any returns on this custom item. Also, any cancellations or order changes should be within 3 days of your initial order. Thank you for your understanding.

Long Bed Curtain Length (does not include tie tops' length)

80-in long, 86-in long, 90-in long, 96-in long, 100-in-long

Canopy Bed Panel Width

Twin Size, Full Size, Queen Size, King Size, Twin 1 piece Header or Footer Only, Full 1 Piece Header or Footer Only, Queen 1 Piece Header or Footer Only, King 1 Piece Header or Footer Only