Tassel Bed Canopies, Classic Margaret Winston Classic, Fringe, Netted Style Canopy for Flat Canopy Beds. For your flat style canopy bed, the graceful hand tied netting of the canopy covers the top of your bed. The drop with the netting and tassel design is 15-Inches.

Tassel Bed Canopies. Shown on Pencil Post Bed.

The Classic Margaret Winston design is a vision on our Pink Pencil Post. For quality details and more about our tassels and how we created out tasseled canopy styles, visit our Hand Tied Canopy details page.

Tassels on our bed canopies are 100% Cotton. As with the entire canopy covering, handmade in North Carolina.

Tassels Galore

Tassels have an interesting history. In Biblical times, the Israelites attached tassels to their garments. In a page provided on the So Sew Easy website, more detail about the history is shared. In the website author’s words, …”Starting with a simple knot and evolving into a decorative addition…the history of tassel goes back to ancient Egypt and the biblical times, finding its way on garments, blankets, rugs, carriages, chandeliers, canopies, draperies and pillows, in various cultures from all over the world!” We appreciate hearing of how tassels came into existence. We think you will agree, our Margaret Winston canopy has “tassels galore”.


Canopy Size

Full ($270), King – California K ($310), King ($310), Queen ($280), Twin ($260)


Natural Color (off white/light ecru), White Color (bright white)

Flat or Arch

arch, flat