Our Scallop Canopy Style – Abigail, for Your Flat or Arch Canopy Bed. Our Abigail Patterned Canopy, has a Voluptuous Wide Pointed Edge. We considered referring to this new style, updated from the Large Scallop, as “Charleston’s Choice”, because, like the city of Charleston, it seems to have the best of everything and a lot of Southern Charm. Enjoy the double edged heavily fringed row of the pointed canopies’ hand crafted cotton tassels, also in our White or Natural color. The cover dressing your bed will bring an impactful statement to your bedroom. The drop of the design on the netting falls 12 inches from your bed rails. Yes, it is shorter than our average regular drops. Many are surprised to hear of the drop length being shorter, because there seems to be so very much on this canopy. Is it too much? You decide. If you want more design but prefer more space between the top of the mattress on your bed and the lowest tassels, then this pattern may be the choice you make for yourself.

Do you have questions about the designs and how you might pick the one most suited for your style? We are here to help. Contact Us if you would like someone’s input.



Canopy Size

Full ($270), King – California K ($310), King ($310), Queen ($280), Twin ($260)


Natural Color (off white/light ecru), White Color (bright white)

Flat or Arch

arch, flat