Joy Design, Macramé Canopy Bohemian look, For Flat Style Tester Canopy Bed, with a 10-Inch Drop.

Our beautiful Joy style, has a 10-inch drop. Macramé is a craft of knots. Our hand knotted canopy tops, or fishnet bed canopies, are sometimes referred to as macramé because of the intricately tied knotting.

Macrame and Knotting, Historically Speaking

Knotting was utilized many years ago by women. Also, particularly, Sailors on long voyages would sometimes knot when they were out at sea and trade the macramé items, such as belts or even hammocks, when they arrived into new ports.

To learn more about our hand knotting technique, visit our Hand Tied Canopy Tops page for quality and more details.

The canopy has a 10-inch drop. For our shorter drop designs, if you are purchasing for a canopy bed which is flat, we suggest a bed which has middle slats, as well as the four outside rails. To view all of our designs, including our longer drops, which are suitable for beds without middle support slats, visit our SHOP page.

Canopy Size

Full ($270), King – California K ($310), King ($310), Queen ($280), Twin ($260)


Natural Color (off white/light ecru), White Color (bright white)

Flat or Arch

arch, flat