Knotted Canopy, Lovers Knot Design, for Flat Canopy Bed, 15-inch drop. Hand Knotted Canopy Top for Your Flat Canopy Bed. Visit our Hand Tied Canopy Tops page for quality and more details. Arch also available.

Knotted Canopy Beauty – Clustered Tassel Rows

This knotted canopy design, the Lovers Knot, will certainly bring a dimension of clustered tassels to add to the posts of your tester bed. Brilliantly bold with rows of knotted tasseled fringe patterned on the drop lengths.

Canopy Size

Full ($270), King – California K ($310), King ($310), Queen ($280), Twin ($260)


Natural Color (off white/light ecru), White Color (bright white)

Flat or Arch

arch, flat