Canopy Bed Covers, Graceful and Romantic Margaret Winston II

Canopy Bed Covers, available for your Flat Style Tester Canopy Beds, or your arch styles. The Margaret Winston II Design Canopy Top, has a 15-inch drop.

Canopy Bed Covers, Providing Grandeur

Our Canopy Cover in the Margaret Winston II , for your flat style canopy bed. The graceful hand tied netting of the canopy covers the top of your bed. The drop with the netting and patterned design is 15-Inches. You may also want to view our Margaret Winston Classic design, there is just a little variation. You may notice the difference in the top row of the two.

Create an absolutely beautiful haven in your home, bringing into the bedroom your own touch and decorating style. One way of doing that is to bring in canopy bedding to reflect your own personal décor loves, vintage, etc. Margaret Winston II design image is courtesy of Liberty Rose Country Inn in Williamsburg, VA. You may also want to see the design in a recent article on The article notes that the, “mesh and tassel canopy cover give the room even more grandeur”.

Patterns on Patterns can be especially Romantic

Did wallcoverings ever go out of style? We are seeing them more recently. With the backdrop of floral wallcoverings and antique furnishings in the setting in this image, romance and style are at their best. As we see more and more wallcoverings in bedrooms, we love the looks.  Also, we are reminded that patterns on patterns, when incorporated with a bit of floral, are especially romantic.

At Hand Tied Bedding Co., our products are of outstanding quality. Also, we stand behind our products. Our Satisfaction Guarantee policy is something we stand behind. Our 100% Cotton Canopies are available in Natural Color or White and Flat or Arch canopy bed types. For our hand tied netted mesh canopy quality details, as well as more about our designs, visit our Hand Tied Canopy details page.


Canopy Size

Full ($270), King – California K ($310), King ($310), Queen ($280), Twin ($260)


Natural Color (off white/light ecru), White Color (bright white)

Flat or Arch

arch, flat