Scalloped Canopy Styles

Scalloped Canopy Styles. Do you love a gentle curved touch to your bedding and décor? The scallop styles, then, may be your favorites.

Scallop Canopy Bedding Designs

Our Scallop Bed Canopy designs, such as our Large Scallop (15-inch drop), present with an elegant curved edge. Our Abigail pattern completes a shorter (12-inch drop). The soft edged patterns will bring a lovely touch to your flat or arch tester canopy bed, and your room.

Scallop Bedroom Design Trends

Today, scalloped looks seem to be incorporated into so many pretty décor items. We recently noticed several articles mentioning scalloped edges for trending styles. If you are seeing more curved patterns when you shop online or live, this may be why. In a recent article in The Spruce, authored by Ashley Chalmers,  11 Bedroom Design Trends That Will Be Big in 2023…“the author notes that curves and scalloped edging have been making their way into more and more homes. She writes, “Furniture will continue to focus on curves and scallop details, but in larger scales than what we’ve been seeing in 2022,” …“I think we’ll see way more of that moving forward.”

The Look You Love

Do you love the look? Then you may want to select a scallop style for your bed. Of these styles, would Abigail canopy be your pick? Or, perhaps you lean more towards the longer drop, Large Scallop. Either of the styles, perhaps on a modern brass styled four poster, or one with carved wood, surrounded with modern plush rugs surrounding? Or, your dream room, whatever the style may be, with the scallop canopy bedding topping it off. Truly, that sounds like a win.

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