Diamond Canopies Design Hand Tied Canopies

canopy bedding arch top
Image courtesy of our customers at Poplar Hill Mansion in Salisbury, MD

Shop Our Diamond Design Hand Tied Canopies, Our Most Popular Canopies.

Our Diamond Canopies Design, a beloved favorite. We bring you our tied canopy tops, created completely by hand. All of our items are made in the USA, and with USA mill spun cotton yarn. Each item is made to order.

You may provide your canopy frame measurements (length and width) for a perfectly custom fit.

You may have heard of our types of hand tied bed canopies, being referred to from time to time, as “lace canopies”, “crochet canopies”, macramé, or fringe canopies. However, the canopy bed tops are actually created by using knot tying and tassel knot tying skills. The designs are formed as the tassels are tied into the knots in the beautiful patterned designs.

Natural Color (which is a cream, or off-white) or White (a bright white)

Featured in many beautiful homes and bed and breakfasts across the United States. Our Double Diamond is our most well known. But browse our designs on our Shopping Pages, and find the one for your own canopy bed and bedroom style.