Canopies for Beds (Flat Styles, All Designs)

Canopies for Beds. Canopy Covers for Your Flat Type Tester Bed Frames – All Designs. Our canopy bed covers are expertly hand tied from start to finish. Patterned to complete your bedroom setting and capture your heart.

Your Canopy Bed is Not Just Another Piece of Furniture, after all.

Canopies for your canopy beds, after all, is not just another piece of bedroom furniture. It is an item that you have probably wanted (or loved) for awhile.

Available in more designs than you may think, to coordinate just perfectly with the bedroom style you are putting together. For your Flat Style Canopy Bed, 15-inch drops recommended if your bed only has rails that go aroubd the bed. If it has middle support rails, 10- inch, 12-inch or 15-inch will beautifully drape.

15 inch drops includes our Double Diamond design, Large Scallop, Margaret Winston and more.

lace canopy look margaret winston