Canopies for Beds (Flat Styles, All Designs)

Canopies for Beds With Flat Style Tops. Shop Our Bed Canopy Covers for Your Tester Beds We feature all of our hand tied flat canopy styles in this category. Our canopies are expertly hand tied from start to finish. Patterned to complete your bedroom setting and capture your heart.

Your Canopy Bed is Not Just Another Piece of Furniture, After All.

Canopies for a special bed. After all, it is not just another piece of  furniture. Many have wanted (or had and loved) their canopy beds for a little while. Shop our hand tied styles; available in more designs than you may think, in drops from as short as 10-inches to 15-inches, to coordinate just perfectly with the bedroom look you are putting together.

To learn more about the quality of our hand tied canopies and more, visit our details page.