Canopy Designs for Our Hand Tied, Netted, Styles

Canopy Designs – Summary for All Of Our Hand Tied Designs, with Drop Length Information

canopy designs - large scallop

Canopy designs, like our Large Scallop, are created with a 15-inch drop length. Six of our designs, like this one, are created with the 15-inch overhang/drop.

Hand Tied Canopy Designs – Just a Quick Summary, to Help You Choose

Colors: Natural (which is a light cream/light ecru color) and White.

canopy designs 15 inch

*additionally, there is the “Margaret Winston Classic” design which has the 15-inch Drop

canopy designs short drop

Canopy Designs Considered “Most Traditional”

canopy design - traditional dd
Traditional Double Diamond

You may have noticed our Double Diamond canopy in specialty decorating publications, such as Country Sampler, or Old House Journal, in past years. The diamond styles are particularly known for being perfectly at home in country, or country inn style bedroom settings. Per Dabbling and Decorating blog author, for vintage charm, “emblematic of an old country inn”, “a canopy bed and a hand-tied canopy is a good place to begin”. When selecting the canopy bedding for one of her own beautiful rooms, the author of the blog selected none other than our popular, Double Diamond canopy for own room.

canopy designs traditional single diamond
Traditional Single Diamond

In addition to our Double Diamond and Single Diamond, our similar style, the Straight Edge design, includes the cotton tassels forming the same diamond shapes, framed with two rows of the tassel design along the edging.

With these Country Inn styles, accompanying them with perhaps a vintage cotton quilt, a chenille spread, or Bates Mill Store woven coverlet is always a lovely choice. These types of items play so beautifully well together in rooms with early era design intents. Other décor you might see with those beautiful eras in design include antique or vintage furnishings like an antique wicker chair.

All of our most popular canopy styles (Double Diamond, Single Diamond, and Straight Edge Diamond) are created with a 15-inch drop length. Normally that drop length is long enough for even taller canopy beds.

Bespoke Canopy Designs Becoming for Vast Tastes

Choose a bespoke hand tied canopy for your own original style. Of course we offer more than just the diamond patterns in our fishnet canopy bedding. Our style options include flowy designs in more 15-inch drops and some in 12-inch, or even a short 10-inch. We realize that interior design loves cater to those of many versatile aspects. We like what one creative interior design company, MDI Luxury Designers, has advised about achieving versatile looks, when they are… “anchored by a sense of elevated comfort, creativity, impeccable attention to detail, and authenticity.”

margaret winston modified arch canopy
Margaret Winston (modified)

Let your own goals for your room guide you. Will one of our handmade 100% cotton designs be a touch to help you fulfill the detail and authentic style you want? Then choose from our 15-inch, 12-inch or 10-inch canopy bed tops. You may provide your bed length and width with your order, if you wish, to ensure the drop length is truly as you wish for your particular bed’s length and width. Learn more about ordering and sizing for our canopies.

On Personal Favorites and Such

Sometimes, customers ask us about personal favorites in our hand tied canopy designs. In viewing many room settings over the years, we have personal favorites for some room styles. More often than not, our first recommendation, actually, would be one other than our most popular Double Diamond design. The more delicate look of the Margaret Winston combines so well with a broader spectrum of interior design looks. Note: We actually now offer both a Classic and a Modified version of the Margaret Winston. You will see the option to order either one on our Shopping Pages.

Another of our knotted canopy designs that caters to a wide spectrum of design influences, is the Large Scallop design. The design created with the cotton tassels creates a wider pointed edge. The wider “V” creates an effect that collaborates very well with some collections of comforters or duvet cover patterns.

Shorter Drop Designs

Just one of the beautiful designs in our shorter drop lengths is our Patricia. We named the Patricia after/for the interior designer who first requested the specific style. She was looking for a shorter design that would serenly accompany her floral bedding. She was very pleased with the canopy we created for her. We think you will agree that the Patricia canopy and the bedding combination work well together. The effect, as shown in the room setting with the green painted walls and bolder curtain and bedding set, brings a very calming and serene room setting.

canopy top shop - patricia
The Patricia Design