Hand Tied Canopies, Details, Quality, Designs

Hand Tied Canopies, Details and Quality

Hand Tied Canopies, by Heirloom Canopies / Hand Tied Bedding Co., of Creston, NC. Yes, we are the company known for providing beautiful hand tied canopy coverings for your beloved canopy beds. Satisfaction Guaranteed, USA handmade, 100% cotton and consistently of the highest quality.

diamond bed canopy

We are the company known for providing beautiful hand tied canopy coverings for the most beloved canopy beds. View our design options. Custom drop lengths are available. Most choose either 15-inch, 12-inch or 10-inch drops.

Our Hand Tied Canopy Making Techniques, Quality, and Standards

Our Hand Tied Designs

You can choose from our wide range of design and drop length combinations. Each design is available in Flat or Arch Canopy styles.

hand tied canopy netted canopy designs and drop lengths

Cotton Canopies

Our hand tied canopy materials are rather simple, and those materials are … cotton yarn + cotton yarn. We realize how important the integral ingredient…COTTON…is, to our being able to provide you with canopy bedding that is both beautiful and long lasting. So, only excellent quality, ring spun, warp twist, multi-ply cotton yarn is used in the making of our knotted canopies. In fact, when we make our yarn purchases, we actually drive to our yarn spinners and transport it ourselves. Making this additional effort for our regionally sourced cotton, is one way we go the extra mile to ensure that our canopy tops are the kind you can be proud to have in your home. The multi-ply yarn is doubled in making the canopy netting (top and sides) of your canopy and folded to 26 strands for the fringe/tasseling, for our patterned designs.

Our Hand Tied Canopy Tassels, Fringe, Formation

Our hand tied tassels, or fringe, patterned designs are the most known and recognizable part of our canopies. These are hand created using multi plies (at least 26 ply per tassel, sometimes more), of our cotton yarn. As we create and tie these tassels into the netting, we cut them to length, positioning them to form the patterns for the designs for the canopy drop. The drop, of course, is the part that drops along the sides of the canopy beds.


Tying, Knotting, Netting

netting hand tied canopies

We watchfully align our knots when we hand tie your canopy, using just our wooden sizing tool. When doing this, we are ensuring the knots and the holes in our netting are consistently, artfully, and beautifully defined.

We make the hand tied netted covering and drop overhang lengths by using old world hand tied fishnet tying techniques. We utilize the tried and true ancient fisherman’s method of securely hand knotting the netting. Using the method, we form our canopy top, and the canopy sides, or drop lengths. These drop lengths of the netting will serve as the elegant canvas for your bed canopy’s patterned design.

A Little About Knots & Netting and Holes

To ensure that every hole of our canopy netting is always small, pretty and uniform, we use a small dowel stick sizing tool for our tying. In years past, some canopy makers have used larger dowels or sizing tools. However, we have always taken pride in producing smaller spaces of netting. Because, basically, the handcrafted netting is prettier (and more uniform) with the tighter tying.

Consistently, Artfully, and Beautifully Defined

As we knot our canopies, we watchfully align our knots along the dowel sizing rod. When doing this, we are ensuring the knots and the holes in our netting are consistently, artfully, and beautifully defined. The more finely detailed netting yields consistently pretty cotton mesh netting for your canopy bed top and sides.

Hand Tied Canopy Fitting and Shape

To create a prettier shape for our canopies, we use a finishing process which has been passed down in our family through generations. In using this with our creation process, we do not thwart the shaping, sizing, or the netting in the corners. When our canopies are placed on a canopy bed, they are the ones that fall so neatly all around the bed.


We know you want your canopy to fit and have a beautiful shape. Through our years of working with customers, we have a knack of knowing how to fit a canopy bed well. We do not require measurements but we enthusiastically welcome getting your bed measurements. Then, we custom size your canopy as we make it, to precisely fit your bed. In fact, we can fit your custom canopy dimension requests to the nearest half inch!

If you are measuring your canopy bed for our custom fit, you may refer to the diagram here. As we mentioned, we do not require your bed measurements to order our canopies. However, since canopy bed frames of different styles can vary, we do always welcome your bed measurements.

Determine How Much Canopy Drop Length (This Will Be Your Overhang) That You Want for Your Own Bed

About the Drops and Our Recommendations

Our knotted canopy styles are available on drop lengths of 15-inch, *12-inch and *10-inch. See all designs here.

Order hand tied canopy designs with overhang drop lengths from 15-inches, 12-inches or 10-inches or contact us for special requests.

*We should take a moment to note a recommendation, as follows: if your canopy bed frame consists of four canopy bed frame rails only, but no support slats in the middle, for those beds, we recommend you order one of the 15-inch drop designs