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Hand Tied Bedding Co., Heirloom Canopies, Policies, Ordering and Shipping Information

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Hand Tied Bedding Co. and More orders can be placed here on our website. Or, you may also contact us directly to order.

Hand Tied Bedding Canopy Orders – Order Completion and Delivery

Hand Tied Bedding Co. and more bed canopies, canopy bed curtains, and valances are made to order. We require payment at time of ordering. We normally have your order ready for shipment within at least 30 days, *normally 2-3 weeks. And, unless you request otherwise, we will ship through USPS First Class Priority Mail, which usually takes 1-3 shipment business days.

We will send you a USPS package tracking number when we ship your item. Different mail methods are available at your request.

*If there is a problem or delay with your order, we will notify you of the delay.

Hand Tied Bedding Co. Canopy Bed Measurements FAQs, etc.

Sending Your Canopy Bed’s Measurements With Your Order (or Not)

Hand Tied Knotted Canopy Tops – When you order your canopy, you are not required to include bed measurements. However, if you send measurements (length and width), of your canopy bed frame (see measuring diagram), then the canopy you receive will be excellently sized for your own bed.

Antiques or homemade bed frames are prone to vary much more than general sizing. King size beds, also, are a little less predictable in their sizing. With that being said, we highly recommend sending the sizes for those special beds. Feel free to call us with your order, or with questions.

Sizing and Measuring Notes and Frequently Asked Questions

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Measuring Notes or Frequently Asked Questions

  • Because canopy and four poster bed frames vary significantly in style and size, you may wish to provide your bed frame measurements – this is length and width of your canopy bed frame, from outside edge to outside edge. If your bed is an arch frame, you get the length by following along from outside edge to outside edge, including the curve of the arch.
  • In the event that it is not possible for you to provide your canopy bed measurements with your order, that’s ok. For those orders, we size the canopy according to our most commonly ordered sizing for that bed size and type.
  • If your bed has large corner finials that are not removable, it is probably best to speak to us directly about your order; we can accommodate those posts with special modifications, but we must know some dimensions. You may reach us at 336-385-9371.

Are Extra Slats in the Middle Required, or are just the 4 Slats around the bed ok?

  • Question Are middle slats for my canopy bed necessary?
    • Answer – Usually, the middle slats are not needed. In fact, the four poster pencil post canopy beds with only the rails that go around the perimeter of the bed, has been a long-time favorite style for our customers.
    • Exceptions are as follows: a) You are ordering a King size for a Flat and/or you are ordering a short drop (less than 15-inch) for a flat canopy. Note: we enclose transparent nylon threads with our 10 inch drop orders (such as the Simple Anna and the Patricia). We do this in case a customer has inadvertently ordered those drop lengths when their canopy beds have no middle slats.

Special Requests

Sometimes a customer requests canopy lengths or styles different than those offered on our Shopping Pages.

We do occasionally get very unique requests from customers who have super tall canopy bed frames and want longer canopy drops for a design. For those not found on our website, contact us directly to order.

Heirloom Canopies, HTBC and More PRODUCT CARE

How Do I Care for My Bed Canopy Top or Canopy Bed Curtains or Valances –

Hand Tied Canopy Care

You will find care instructions enclosed with your order, and we also note them below.

  • Feather dust or shake periodically, in order to prevent frequent washings. When washing with water is necessary: Hand Wash only, using Cold Water and a mild detergent (such as Woolite).
  • After rinsing, you may wish to carefully blot dry with a large towel to remove some of the excess water. Line dry or lay flat on a waterproof surface to dry. When canopy is still wet or damp, smooth down tassels as needed before they dry.

Note: If your washing machine appliance has a spin only option, you may wish to carefully use the spin option to just spin out the excess water prior to the line drying. If doing this, be careful not to agitate in any way.

Cotton or Lace Bed Curtains & Valance Care

  • Our Cotton or Lace Curtains can be Hand Washed in Cold Water, or Machine Washed on Gentle Cycle. Line Dry or Dry on Lowest Heat Setting.


Yes, for Wooden Canopy Bed Frame Orders, James needs VERY SPECIFIC detailed measurements of your bed posts, finials and wood shades. More details are on our detailed Canopy Bed Frame page.

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Our Return Policy for Hand Tied Bed Canopy Tops

Our Hand Tied Canopies are Satisfaction Guaranteed and returnable within *30 days. If your order is extremely unique in sizing, then there may be exceprions. In those cases, you would be notified upon order of the exception to our return policy for the rare item.

Our Return Policy for Canopy Bed Frames by James

Our Wooden Canopy Bed Frames by James are not returnable. We are not able to stock any returns for the frames.

Our Return Policy for Bed Curtains or Valances

Our Long Curtains or Valances are not returnable. If there is a problem with your order please contact us.