Hand Tied Bedding Co. and More – Ordering and Shipping, etc.

Hand Tied Bedding Co. & More, Order and Delivery, Custom FAQs, Etc.

Hand Tied Bedding Co. and More @ Bedcanopytops.com – Order and Delivery, etc.

Our items are specialty made upon order items, so please expect up to 30 days for delivery of your purchase. If there are any problems with your order, we will contact you for prompt clarification, to begin working on your beautiful product without delay.

Shipping Methods and Delivery Time Frames

*As noted above, please expect up to 30 days for delivery of your purchase, due to our items being specialty made to order.

We ship through First Class Priority USPS insured mail. You pay $10 for shipping/handling. While USPS Priority is our usual and preferred shipping method, we are able to use different shipping methods upon special request. We will keep you updated on your order status, notifying you on the day of shipment, with an included tracking number. Please note, we do not ship to destinations outside of the US.

FAQ – Are Rush Requests Ever Possible, or Are Any Items Ready to Ship Now?

We understand that, sometimes, items are needed more quickly. Since we can occasionally accommodate rush order needs, call us directly for rush inquiries, (336) 385-9371.

FAQ – When Ordering a Bed Canopy Top, Does a Bed Need to Have Canopy Frame Slats in the Middle, or are just the 4 Slats around the outside perimeter of the bed sufficient?

Usually, the middle slats are not needed. But, if your bed is a King Size, then we do recommend middle slats for support. Also, if your bed is a type that does not have the middle slats, we do not recommend our shorter drops, choose longer (15-inch drop canopy designs) for those beds.

Hand Tied Bedding Co. @ Bedcanopytops.com ~ Sizing/Measuring Questions

Canopy Top Measuring Instructions

If you are measuring for your bed to send along with your bed canopy top order:

hand tied bedding measuring toppers

Measure following along your canopy bed frame rails, for width and then also for length. Measure from outside edge to outside edge. If your bed is an arch canopy style, follow along the rail with the arch for that measurement. These measurements, of course, will not include the design drop length of your received bed canopy top.

Our hand tied knotted canopy styles are available on drop lengths of 15-inch, *12-inch and *10-inch. See all designs here.

FAQ – Are Bed Measurements Required to order your bed canopies?

No, your bed measurements are not required to order our bed canopies. We do provide a space on our order section for your optional bed measurements (length and width), if you wish to provide. If those measurements accompany your order, we expertly custom size your canopy specifically to perfectly fit your unique canopy bed frame (see how to measure). But, if you do not include measurements with your order, your canopy will fit most common average length and widths for the size and bed type, as you indicate on your order. (Twin Flat, Twin Arch, Full Flat, etc.). However, if your bed is an antique or especially rare in style, in those cases we highly recommend sending the optional measurements.

If Your Bed Has Exception Finials

Finial Alert – Is your bed the rare type that has finials on the bed that are large, but are not removable? If so, please contact us to speak about your canopy needs. This is so we can customize your canopy corners to stretch to fit those rare corners. You may reach us at 336-385-9371 or send us an email via our contact form.

Are My Bed Measurements Required: to Order Long Canopy Curtains?

For Canopy Bed Curtains, YES, you will need to know the lengths you will need to order when selecting your product. To determine that information, measure from the canopy bed’s top rail, to the length of the floor or the length you want the panels to hang.

Hand Tied Bedding Co. @ Bedcanopytops.com – Product Care Instructions

Product Care For Cotton Gauze or Lace Bed Curtains

Our Cotton or Lace items can be Hand Washed in Cold Water, or Machine Washed on Gentle Cycle. Line Dry.

Product Care For Hand Tied Bed Canopies or Valances, with the Netting and Tassels

Feather dust or shake periodically, in order to prevent frequent washings. When washing with water is necessary: Hand Wash only, using Cold Water and a mild detergent (such as Woolite). After rinsing, you may wish to carefully blot dry with a large towel to remove some of the excess water. Line dry or lay flat on a waterproof surface to dry. When canopy is still wet or damp, smooth down tassels as needed before they dry.

Note: If your washing machine appliance has a spin only option, you may wish to carefully use the spin option to just spin out the excess water prior to the line drying. If doing this, be careful not to agitate in any way.

Return Policy

We accept returns only for our hand tied bed canopy items. Any of these returns must be within 30 days and in original condition. Due to the rarity of some requested hand tied canopy orders, we must occasionally make exception to our hand tied bed canopy return policy. In these exceptions, we would contact you for agreeance on the return policy prior to our proceeding with any such order.

We are not able to accept returns for our other items: our custom fabric bed curtains, any of our window valances, or custom wooden canopy bed frames.

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