Canopy Beds Across America

Canopy Beds, But Much More

Canopy Bed enthusiasts know that we are talking about more than just a canopy-topped bed when we think of our ideal room. Nothing explains how an amazing Canopy Bedroom feels quite like images of finished sweet spots with a 4 poster to swoon for. Do you not agree that SO many in the B&B and Country Inn industry across America do Canopy Rooms quite well?

Images are noted with their respective links.

White Lace Inn, in Wisconsin. Vintage Rose Room, …classic Sheraton four-poster bed with pastel vintage roses on a white background and complimented by Waverly fabric with extravagant bouquets of roses on a yellow background.

Also, at White Lace Inn, their Country Summer Room, …The Country Empire tall post bed with a canopy is dressed in blue & yellow.  The bed, sitting area & whirlpool all view the beautiful fireplace mantel, which is locally crafted out of butternut and cherry. 

Of course, although a picture is worth a thousand words, nothing replaces the experiencing of putting yourself right in the middle of such a Canopy Room. Of course, you will have the feeling when you complete your own dreamy sanctuary. Also, you could always visit one of these if you are in their neck of the woods.

curtain canopy bedroom key west florida tropical inn

Tropical Inn, Key West, Florida,Superior Garden Cottage Suite, the Gecko’s Garden, featuring striking architectural details, imaginative interior design, and intimate, romantic ambience.”

Fitting is Key

You will notice in each of these photos, that the canopies fit very nicely. This illustrates so well, how a correctly fitting bed canopy presents. That being said, providing bed measurements for your canopy maker, for that custom fit, is usually a good idea. Because, due to the spaces in between furniture pieces and canopy frame railings, sizing needs for canopy bedding can vary significantly more than for your typical fitted linens. This is especially the case if your canopy is an arched, curved, bowed style canopy frame bed. 

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