Canopy Bedding by Specialty

Canopy Bedding, Specialty Creations

Canopy Bedding, specialty creations you will love. So, what do you wish for your room? Choose an extraordinary item from our canopy bedding shop. You can transform your bedroom setting with our knotted designs, or soft cotton or lace curtains on the rails of your canopy bed.

canopy bedding arch top
photo courtesy of our customers at Salisbury, Maryland, Poplar Hill Mansion

Canopy Bedding and Your Room Setting

Canopy Bedding items, for all you want in your room. Add texture and dimension, shapes and tones of handcrafted work to bring romanticism and charm to your setting.

Of exceptional quality as well as artistry, an heirloom quality piece can weave a sweet moment in time to your space, or bring in a class of elegance all its own. Hours upon hours of handiwork with natural materials are involved in our artistry. With all of these things being said, of course, your most prestigious artisan crafted beds will couple well.

Learn More about our Canopy Bedding by specialties below, or choose to view or order through our Shopping Pages, including our room images with our Knotted Hand Tied Canopy Bedding, our Lace Canopy Tie Top Valance Bedding, or our Tie Top Cotton Canopy Bed Curtains.

Our Canopy Bedding Specialties

Canopy Bedding – Hand Tied Knotted Specialty

You may have noticed the canopy bedding with the intricate knotted netting and the beautiful tasseled, fringe, designs. Maybe you remember first looking up at such a bed tester top in grandmother’s flowery bedroom many years ago. Or, perhaps in a neighbor’s home or at a Country Inn stay? Regardless of whether you have noticed our hand tied canopy bedding before today, welcome – we are glad you are here.

First, we want to convey that our hand tied canopies are beautifully handcrafted and heirloom quality. Our canopies of this type are sometimes referred to, online and in publications, as crocheted or lace canopies. However, we actually create the canopies using a combination of knotted fishnet tying skills and patterning of handcrafted tassels. This knotted bed canopy artistry has been passed down through generations in our family, and our community.

anna flat style tester top

Hand Tied Quality & Designs

Our hand tied canopy bedding quality is second to none. We rely on only the choicest 100% cotton multi-ply yarn, doubled for netting, and 26-plys for patterning. We create our designs by hand-tying each cotton tassel into the canopy netting knots, on the drop of the canopy. So, when placed on your bed, the design falls gracefully AND proportionately around the canopy frame of your bed. Our details page provides more information about our knotted canopy Quality and Techniques.

Topping Your Bed with Diamonds and Such

Our hand tied canopies, actually, may be a bit famous. You may have noticed our Double Diamond canopy (an Early American vintage pattern), in Country Sampler Magazine. We featured that design in back to back issues of the publication for many years. Also, the Double Diamond canopy images have appeared in many specialty publications (such as Early American Homes), in years past . And also recently, online in Dabbling and Decorating, the blog author writes that, to create a style, “emblematic of an old country inn”, a canopy bed and a hand-tied canopy is a good place to begin. The article features our hand tied canopies, and especially our Double Diamond.

Like our diamond designs, some of our other canopies are patterned after replica, centuries old favorites, passed down. Others, are patterned after our own designs. This includes our Anna, designed in response to a customer request for a “more simple” pattern, with a shorter drop. While we have created our new designs with customers in mind, our historical patterns with regular drop lengths are often favorites with our customers. The delicate Margaret Winston, cluster style design is a favorite replica pattern. In fact, our Margaret Winston was the featured canopy bedding by Southern Living Magazine’s 2020 Idea House. The Idea House owner and designers selected the style to accompany the customized Reid’s Classics’ Serpentine Arched Canopy Bed.

Cotton or Lace Bed Curtains Specialty

canopy bed curtains

Our Canopy bedding, in either White Lace or Ivory or White Cotton, for your Vintage or Contemporary bed styles.

Some of the contemporary canopy bed styles, such as the Flying Arch Canopy Bed, by Brass Beds of Virginia, would be quite lovely if adorned with our short valance lace canopy style. Do you have a bulky wooden bed that could use a bit of fabric to soften the starkness of the clunky silhouette in your room? Then, consider long, flowing to the floor cotton styles. Regardless of your bed type, or style, you can shop what you love for your Canopy Bedroom here. And, when you know what you want, you know that canopy curtains, or any item you love, for that matter, will combine beautifully with simpler style beds, or with grand ones.

A “pair” of Bed Curtains are sometimes used only at the foot or head of a bed. For this reason, you will notice on our Shopping Pages, that we offer many different Canopy Bed Curtain sizing options. These include the purchasing of only two panels for a header or footer.

Lace Canopy Bed Valances

Lace Canopy Bed Valances for your Twin, Full, Queen or King Size Beds. Also available as Header and Footers only. Choose from our White or Ivory Lace Fabrics for your valances. Go to Shopping Pages for our Lace Canopy Bed Valances.

canopy bed curtains

Canopy Bed Curtains

Our breathable gauze cotton canopy bed curtains. Available in custom lengths for your Canopy Beds. Also available as Header and Footers only. Choose from our 100% cotton colors, ivory, white, pink or turquoise. Go to Shopping Pages for our 100% Cotton Gauze Canopy Bed Curtains