Canopy Bed Frames for 4 Poster Beds

Canopy Bed Frames for Your Four Poster Beds

Canopy Bed Frame seekers, we are happy to help you with your frame needs. We have often heard the following question, or something similar, “where on earth can you find a canopy frame for a bed?” Unless your four poster bed comes so equipped or someone near you is a good wood craftsman, then finding a canopy bed frame can be very frustrating.

…”Unless your four poster bed comes so equipped or someone near you is a good wood craftsman, then finding a canopy bed frame can be very frustrating.

Canopy Frames for Four Poster Beds

Custom Canopy Frames and Yes, We Ship to You

Canopy Bed Frames, created in the Carolinas. Available in either Flat styles or Arch. And yes, we ship to you!

Frames have been just a small part of our Heirloom Canopies company for some time, due to our seeibg this need. Several years ago, we began providing canopy frames for a few of our Bed Canopy Customers. Only kiln dried wood is used in making all of the bed frames. Using kiln dried hardwoods offers many benefits. This includes having less moisture in the wood. Having less moisture in the material helps craft stronger, prettier and nicely stained pieces.

Bed Frame Ordering

Please be aware of the following important points for bed canopy frame orders.

  • The hardwood frames may be a good option for you if your bed finials or buttons are removable.
    • Your bed must have finials or buttons in the corner posts to be eligible for our frames. This is because your finials or buttons will serve an important function – they help to secure frame rails in place in each corner.
  • Because these wooden frames are made very specifically to fit your bed, very close measurement instructions are needed. We emphasize very careful measuring of your bed at home before ordering a frame.
  • Because our frames are created so uniquely, to your exact finial or button specifications, we are NOT able to accept returns or exchanges on our canopy bed frames.

To order, please be prepared to provide the following information:

1) Type of wood and color to stain. Describe color as light, medium or dark, etc.

2) Your very specific bed measurement, to the nearest 1/16th inch, for lengths and widths (measure from center of finial holes from post to post).

3) Diameter Size of your bed’s corner finial knob or button holes, to the nearest 1/16th inch.

Canopy Bedding Frame Related – Frequently Asked…

FAQ – Is a canopy frame necessary if I want to order your bed canopy top styles? Our answer is, “yes”. All of our canopy bedding, including our curtains and valances, require canopy frame rails for proper placement or attachment.

FAQ – Are the middle slats that go side to side on a canopy frame necessary? Our answer is, “not usually”. While the outside surrounding rails are certainly necessary (as noted in FAQ above), the middle slats are normally not required. Note: there are exceptions to this general rule. For example, for a very short drop flat style canopy on a wide (queen or king size) bed, middle slats are suggested for support.