Canopy Bed Curtains, etc.

Canopy Bed Curtains etc.

Canopy Bed Curtains can serve multipurpose functions. In addition to adding style, long panels can serve as a light filter for beds that are in direct sunlight. Also, they can add a semi-private layer in bedroom sleeping quarters.

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Our bed curtains, created with tie tops, for ease in attaching to a variety of Canopy Bed styles. Our sets are sized so that you may choose to keep the curtains pulled back in a pretty “country” style much of the time and/or completely close on your canopy bed.

Cotton or Lace

Available in either 100% Cotton, or Lace Fabric materials. Panels are sized and priced to order for your Twin, Full, Queen or King beds. Also available to purchase in only the Header or Footer panels for each of those sizes. For custom sizing that is not available on our Shopping pages, you may contact us.

We make our Cotton Canopy Bed Curtains of a textured semi-sheer fabric. We selected a gauzy cotton material because it is a light and breathable fabric with texture. The texture is fine cotton gauze, which has a finely crinkled feature; this adds to the beauty of the fabric. The curtains have a bit of vertical stretch.

Currently, we offer four colors for the Cotton Canopy Bed Curtains. They are available in Colors: White, Ivory, Pink and Turquoise. The ties are of the same cotton fabric, sewn into the curtains.

Our Lace Fabric Curtains are available with ribbon tie tops (shown in the above). They are available in Colors: White.

Measuring for Your Bed Curtains

It is important to measure the length of your Canopy Bed Rails, before ordering. According to a recent source, the average canopy bed height is 86 inches. But, because there are such Canopy Bed height variations (as short as four feet and as tall as eight feet), we recommend measuring your own actual canopy bed rail height – distance from floor to the top of the rail, before placing the order for your lengths. For your ordering ease, we offer you multiple direct ordering options for the curtains, including short lengths for “valance” styles.

Return Policy For All Of Our Fabric Curtains

Our Long Canopy Bed Curtains are part of our Exception Return Policy; they are not returnable.

More Items

Window Valances

Knotted Window Valances

Our knotted window valances are available, to coordinate perfectly with your hand tied bed canopy tops. Tied in any of our knotted hand tied bed canopy patterns, in Natural color or White.

Our Valances are available in any width when you call to order. Our 40-Inch Widths and 80-Inch Widths are available for ordering online.

Our Valances are part of our Exception Return Policy; they are not returnable.

40″ wide, 15″ length window valance shown, in our Lovers Knot pattern. Tied of 100% cotton.

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15-inch drops
shorter drop knotted canopy designs

Hand Tied Window Valance 12-inch and 10-inch Length Patterns