Bed Canopy Care Instructions

bed canopy top arched

Bed Canopy Care and Washing Instructions for Your Canopies, Canopy Valances or Canopy Bed Curtains.

Hand Tied Canopy Care

Hand Tied Canopies can be hand washed. We recommend the following Care Instructions for your Hand Tied Canopy.

  • Feather dust or shake periodically, in order to prevent frequent washings. When washing with water is necessary, please hand wash only, using cold water and a mild detergent (such as Woolite).
  • After rinsing, you may wish to carefully blot dry with a large towel to remove some of the excess water. Line dry or lay flat on a waterproof surface to dry. When canopy is still wet or damp, smooth down tassels as needed before they dry.

Note: If your washing machine appliance has a spin only option, you may wish to carefully use just that spin option to just spin out the excess water prior to the line drying. If doing this, be careful not to agitate in any way.

Instructions for our Canopy Bed Curtains and Lace Canopy Bed Valances only

  • For the canopy bed curtain and valances (not our hand tied tassel items), you may Hand or Machine Wash panels on delicate cycle. Our panels of Cotton Gauze and Lace valances may be machine dried, on low heat setting only. As with all of our items, we recommend using only mild detergent, such as Woolite. *See above for our hand tied, or tassel canopies care instructions.