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Bed Canopies by Type

Bed canopies for your beds. Our covers, valances or curtains can bring your favorite interior pieces together in such a special way. Whatever you may have in mind, we have a look to help you bring your vision all together, perfectly. Natural cotton textures, with lux dimension. When you know what you love, then you really, just know. Because the CANOPY BEDROOM of your dreams is forever trending.

Bed Canopies in Top Styles and Valances, Curtains for Your Rails

Wisely selected bed canopies in coverings or valance styles, or curtains, to add beauty and style, and help evoke that wonderful feeling of knowing you love the room you are in.

Bed Canopies to Top, but Not Hide Your Bed

Our hand tied fishnet bed canopy tops drape over the top of your canopy bed frame. The netted tops, with our tassel design drops, are especially loved by bed owners with beautiful antique or reproduction style beds. Unlike solid and heavy styles of tops, our netted styles do not hide the beauty of a bed, or a room. Instead, the beauty of a room, and the beauty and craftsmanship of a bed, also comes through.

Often, on those beds, our tops are accompanied by woven coverlets, such as those by Family Heirloom Weavers. As with their woven coverlets, some of our designs, esp. our Diamond patterns, are representative of Early American, Federal, and Sheraton periods, which are some of the most beloved eras in furniture design.

Valances to Delicately Accentuate Your Canopy Bed

lace canopy valance

Timeless canopy bed valance styles, our lace valances. These are also the kind of canopy look you may find yourself drawn to. Short option valance panels in lace, add a feminine and lacy touch to your bed and your room. The tie tops allow you to easily add a unique touch to the rails of most canopy bed styles. Unlike our top canopy options, the valance “short curtain” styles allow you to leave the top of your canopy bed open and uncovered, for low hanging lights or ceiling fans.

Curtains for Canopy Beds

If you prefer long flowing canopy bed curtains for the rails of your four poster beds, we have those. Do you love curtained canopy beds? Our graceful canopy bed curtains are available in made to order sizes, on our Shopping Pages. You may order easily by selecting the options for your bed sizes. We offer our sewn canopy bed curtains with tie tops. We create the securing ties using the same 100% cotton fabric as the flowing canopy curtain materials.

bed curtains for canopy bed long

Our canopy bed curtains are another way to beautifully enhance the look of your bed. Available in long, flowing styles. Our long bed curtains are very easy to close. Easily surround all or part of the perimeter of your bed, then open again, with easy motions. You may also tie the panels back to any of the bed posts for a pretty curtain style. Our cotton tiebacks, in solid or braided fabrics, are included for this purpose. Tying them at one post will create that extremely full look. Or, for a light drapery effect on your canopy bed (and quick curtain closing option), you may prefer never tying your bed curtains back at all. Leaving the light fabric flowing to your canopy bedroom’s floor can create the illusion of a taller bed. This can create a simple, but elegant, look for your bedroom.

Our Offerings are Made Upon Order, With Custom Sizing Always an Option

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