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Bed Canopy Tops, by Us

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Bed Canopy making began for us in the early eighties, with three generations of our family being involved in creating the canopies.

Since we formed Heirloom Canopies (est. 1993) and Hand Tied Bedding Co. (online est. 2001), we have helped so many customers achieve the canopy bedroom of their very best dreams. Our canopies are always beautiful, excellent quality, and always USA made.

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…always beautiful, excellent quality, and always USA made

our Double Diamond, on this spindle poster flat canopy bed, photo provided courtesy of our customer Ann, author of Dabbling & Decorating blog.

Let us help you achieve a bedroom that your dreams are made of. After all, the Canopy Bedroom of your dreams is forever trending.

Canopy Types – Explore Our Shop Pages

Bed Canopy Tops, Covers, Curtains

  • Bed canopies, also known as bed testers, tops, toppers, covers or coverings.
  • Long bed curtains, for your tester or canopy bed’s side rails, head and/or foot rails. Available as sets, or for headers or footers only.
  • Valances, “short bed curtains”, for your bed’s perimeter railings. Rather than having your bed top covered, like our canopy tops/covers, these short styles bring a decorative touch to your bed, but allow you to leave the top space open.

Canopy Frames, Constructed of Wood, for 4 Poster Beds

  • Wood crafted frames or support rails, custom made, in order to transform your four poster into a canopy bed that will support your beautiful coverings. We offer a few more details on the lower section of this page, or visit our Wooden Frames Page, for ordering information.

Our Bed Canopy Artisan Techniques

Canopies Made by Knotting, Tying, Tasseling

We make our hand tied canopy bedding styles for you using expert knotting, tying and tasseling skills. This artistry has been around for centuries, but, the name reference for the artistry varies. You may have heard some in the furniture, antique, or bedding industries refer to our canopy styles as lace canopies. While others may say the covers are crochet/crocheted canopies. Also, because our knotted canopies’ patterned designs are made up of cotton tassels, some others may refer to the canopies as being made by macramé. Further names for the hand tied canopies include, fishnet canopies, knotted bed tops, fringed, or netted.

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Other Canopy Treatments

In addition to our tops, Canopy Bed Curtains and Valances are also available through our shopping pages. We take pride in helping you make your canopy bedroom exactly as you want it to be. Additionally, we offer Carolina created solid cotton or lace custom sewn items, especially for your canopy beds. The results of our dedication to fit, quality and your satisfaction, is consistently beautiful items you will love for your home.

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“The results of our dedication to fit, quality and your satisfaction, is consistently beautiful items you will love for your home.”

Canopy Bed Frames for Your 4 Poster Beds

Do you need a Canopy Bed Frame for your four poster bed, to support the top or curtains you have wanted for years? Our canopy frames are custom made according to your specific needs. Crafted of solid pine. Stain shade matched according to your order, left unstained, or painted. Shipment is available to anywhere in the United States.

Our Blog

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Courtesy Rosewood Country Inn, Bradford, NH

Canopy Beds and Cottonwood Dreams

You can benefit from our research, relationships and experience in the bed canopy industry when you read our blog. Be in the loop about some of the most masterful bed makers in the country, and some of the most amazing rooms and styles, through our ongoing articles.

Because we have a heart for canopy bedrooms ourselves, articles will include resources and, “all things canopies”. Check out our industry terminology page, on our currently pinned Cotton & Wood Dreams, blog post.